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The South African private security industry has a number of unique features because of the political context in which the industry developed. In the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, the former South African Police (SAP) withdrew from many normal policing duties to concentrate on maintaining political control. The government encouraged the private security industry to fill the gap left by the police’s shift in priorities. The government also assisted the industry by providing mechanisms with which the industry could link up formally and informally with the state security apparatus.

Many companies still regard the recruitment of personnel with a previous security background as desirable. The involvement of former military and police personnel has had a marked impact on the profile, structure, training and even uniforms of private security companies in South Africa. As there is a large group of people with combat experience who fought both for and against apartheid, who find a natural home in the private security industry, it is unlikely that the profile and character of the industry will undergo any significant changes in the near future.
Traditionally, most security guards have been black, while the management, owners and special response units have been staffed mainly by white people. The establishment of black-owned companies, initiatives by some larger companies to sell shares to black-owned businesses, and affirmative action policies are having an impact on the racial divide in the industry.

TISA Security is an independent provider of guarding services founded in 2005 with it’s head office in Heriotdale, Gauteng. TISA offer services in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria, East Rand and West Rand. Our focus and clients consist of companies, schools, shopping centres, townhouse and building complexes, as well as buildings and office blocks.

We provide a superior and pro-active Security Service with emphasis placed on professional and comprehensive solutions which has become a company trademark. Our focus allows increased attention and resources to be directed towards the Guards Operation alone and hence enhance the already efficient and reliable service that existing clients appreciate. The total "hands-on" approach of Management is an extremely important contributing factor in the successful operation of the company.

TISA owes its growth to our proven philosophy of extreme service levels and quick response  times. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the quality they require. We accomplish this by combining our employee's dedication to quality, service and managements' attitude.


Never before has there been a greater need for a professional, dependable and responsible private security industry which has been made possible through the regulation of the industry through the Private Security Industry Act.

Traditionally and prior to the act, security was frequently viewed as a 'grudge purchase' , operating on a minimum cost basis, which frequently resulted in poor pay and career prospects for the staff, and poor standards delivered. We welcomed the opportunity the act provided to help the industry gain the respect and confidence of the law enforcement agencies and to enable business' such as ours to become part of the 'Wider Policing Family'.

Our mission at Tisa is to work with our clients to protect their people, property and assets, and ensure the continuity of business operations. To provide a 'best-value' service at all times.



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